The Beginner's Guide to Teaching Soccer to Children with No Soccer Experience

According to Stephanie L. McJury, do you want to teach soccer to children who have never played before? Here are a few ideas to get you going. Develop a love for the sport and become a competent ...

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A Job as a Self employed Campground Host

There are numerous advantages to serving as a volunteer campground host. You'll get to know the campground better, help out other campers, and make friends with the park rangers. However, Stephanie...

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Volunteer Definition - What Does It Mean?

Stephanie L McJury says, running advantages are not limited to physical fitness: moderate exercise improves good blood flow and antioxidant protection, both of which help the skin. Physical exerci...

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​For men and women, the best running shoes.

People who run can choose from many good running shoes, says Stephanie L. Mcjury, whether they're new to the sport or have run many marathons in the past. If you know what you want and how much mo...

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